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Staff Directory

Gary T. Ray

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing

T 512.245.1977
F 512.245.7720


Stephanie Anderson

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management
Director of Undergraduate Admissions

T 512.245.2803
F 512.245.8044


Lou Jimenez

University Registrar

T 512.245.2158
F 512.245.1757


Dan Eggers

Director of University Marketing

T 512.245.1555
F 512.245.8153


Christopher Murr, Ph.D.

Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships

T 512.245.3975
F 512.245.7920


Isabel G. Mathies

Senior Administrative Assistant
Office of the Associate Vice President

T 512.245.1977
F 512.245.7720