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Academic Affairs Computing Priority Committee 2018

Membership 2018

  • Mr. Gary T. Ray, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management and Marketing, Chair
  • Ms. Stephanie Anderson, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management/Director, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Mr. Lou DeVirgillio, Assistant Director, Round Rock Campus
  • Ms. Sonya Gutierrez, Curriculum Coordinator, Curriculum Services
  • Mr. Louis Jimenez, University Registrar, Office of the University Registrar
  • Dr. David Wierschem, Associate Dean, McCoy College of Business Administration
  • Mr. Martin Mills, Director, Enterprise Systems, Information Technology
  • Ms. Janet Moseley, Manager, Graduate College
  • Dr. Chris Murr, Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Dr. Michael Nava, Associate Dean, University College
  • Dr. Wuxu Peng, Professor, Computer Science
  • Dr. Gregg Passty, Professor, Mathematics, Assistant Dean, College of Science and Engineering
  • Dr. Apan Qasem, Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Dr. Edna Rehbein, Assistant Vice President, Round Rock Campus
  • Ms. Jodi Steen, Director, Core Systems, Information Technology
  • Dr. Richard Warms, Professor, Anthropology

Ex Officio

  • Ms. Kristi Boyd, Systems Support Analyst, Undergraduate Admissions (T)
  • Ms. Dede Gonzales, Associate Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships (T)
  • Ms. Melissa Hyatt, Associate Registrar, Office of the University Registrar (T)
  • Mr. Mark Hughes, Associate Vice President, Technology Resources (T)

Responsible for overall direction of Student Information System (SIS).  Receives and reviews progress reports from the SIS Coordinating Council (SCC), which is charged with maintaining and enhancing the SIS.  Sets priorities for business process changes, determines when policy changes are needed, and reviews and prioritizes SIS development requests. The committee meets two to three times during the year, or as needed.  Members serve one-year terms, which may be renewed.